Our four key management people consist of Ralph Sanford who manages daily wash scheduling and staff. He can give you general pricing rates as well as answer your product concerns.

Shawne Shea can arrange your Transportation Needs. He will give you prices on local live loads, and long range empty/full services. All live load Transportation Services are equipped with compressors and pumps as well as ISO fittings. See Shawne at shawne@topsalltankwash.com for rates and information or visit our direct order desk.

Cathy Shea who also doubles as Rods' wife is as Rod would say "The lady in charge of the money". See Cathys' message to Finance Management Personal.

And finally the Captain of our ship Rod Shea. He is in charge of overall operations, sales and arranging of leasing of ISO Containers.

Anyone who is now a customer of Rods', knows that he will bend over backwards to get the job done for you. Anyone who is thinking of Topsall Tankwash Inc./ISO Container Services and Depot Service becoming your supplier should know that Rod can be reached day or night at 514-829-9086.

Rod is a Newfoundlander who came to Montreal by way of the Canadian Armed Forces. He settled his roots here, took his discharge from the forces and used his specialty in chemicals to get into the Tankwash industry.

He was manager of 3 employees and a Monday - Friday facility when he had the vision to buy out his employer and expand his field.

Rod Shea has 12 years of experience in the Tank Industry. He attended many courses during his military career to become very knowledgeable in the chemical industry. In recent years Rod has expanded into Transportation and the ISO Container business.

Rod likes to arrange for a "One Stop & Shop".